Freela... from the freedom, also as in “freelancer”,
a professional that works freely.

It’s this concept of work that Thiago Alves follows,
graduated in Web Design by the Universidade de Taubaté,
traveler, rover, explorer of new horizons, other cultures.

Thiago Alves focuses his work on communication,
absorbing the human side of the internet, with projects
aimed toward navigational ease, good usability of resources,
aggregating an artistic value to the design.

Freela follows a tendency towards freedom, of being able
to work without frontiers, servicing clients from all parts of the
map, utilizing the internet itself as a means of communication
and contact, developing projects with responsibility and quality.

Without fixating a physical location in which to work, following
the opportunities and the winds that life brings becomes easy.

Be a part of this idea!